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Wall of Shame

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We've seen some pretty ragged tyres arriving in the doors over the years. Below are some of the worst tyres that people have actually driven in on.
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Fitted to a Mercedes

Shows the value of having your tyres checked. The driver had no idea the tyre was in this condition.

This was on a taxi!

The age of the tyre is reflected by the cracks through the rubber and the wheel alignment being out didnt help the inner edge.


Tyres should be replaced every couple of years, even if the treads on them are good. Age causes the fibres to break, causing the tyre to deform, as seen here.

Needs wheel alignment

This tyre came off a car badly in need of wheel alignment, hence the wear on one side

Run Flat

This was a run-flat tyre which was installed on a vehicle without a tyre pressure monitoring system. When it got a puncture, the owner never knew, and continued to drive on it for a long time.

Value for money

This tyre was driven on until she was just about ran out of rubber!

Extreme Puncture

The metal reinforcements for the tyre are protruding through the side. This not only damages the vehicle, it could potentially cause a serious injury if the car drives past someone.

Sidewall has run its course

This tyre was torn completely around, and was almost fully detached from the wheel


This one was driven till there was nothing left of her.


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