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Track Rod End

The Track Rod End and Inner Tie Rod, ensure quick response from your steering to your wheels. Together with the ball joints, track rod ends make sure the car steers left and right. The track rod ends are attached to either end of the steering rack and act as pivot points for the steering. Your vehicle needs a high quality track rod end to be fitted securely. Maintaining your track rod ends is essential to ensure seamless transmission and responsive steering. After fitting track rods we will have to perform Four Wheel Alignment. We stock a wide range of track rod ends, to fit most cars and light commercial vehicles, so we can quickly get you back on the road.

Outer CV Boot

CV, or constant velocity, boots are rubber boots that cover and protect the CV joints on the axles of front-wheel-drive cars .Constant velocity joints are attached to each end of a drive shaft, these CV joints are needed to transfer the torque at a constant speed to steered wheels, A torn CV boot is relatively inexpensive to repair. Ignored, a ripped CV boot will cause the CV joint to fail, which is costly to repair. A torn or ripped CV boot can destroy the CV joint in a matter of days, especially if the weather is wet. Putting off this repair will cost you more in the long run. It is a waste of money to replace the CV boot if the CV joint is already damaged.

Four Wheel Alignment

Correct four wheel alignment will prevent premature tyre wear, reduce rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption. By correctly adjusting the steering and suspension many handling problems such as steering wander, pulling, misalignment of steering wheel can be rectified. Alignment provides improved driving, safety and comfort. Wheel alignment is not the same as front wheel “tracking”, as with modern cars it is important that your vehicles front wheels are aligned to the rear wheels’ thrust axis. Our alignment check is fast, inexpensive and protects both your vehicles investment and your family's safety.

Anti Roll Bar Link

Anti-roll bar links are an important element in your cars suspension. They securely fasten the anti roll bar to the undercarriage of your vehicle. The function of the anti roll bar is the reduction of body lean. Anti roll bar links are quick and relatively inexpensive to replace. We stock a wide range of anti roll bar links to fit most cars and light commercial vehicles, so we can quickly get you back on the road.