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Goodyear Tyres

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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is a global manufacturing company founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling and based in Akron, Ohio.

Goodyear manufactures tyres for automobiles,  trucks, SUVs, race cars, airplanes, farm equipment and heavy earth-mover machinery.

The company was named after American Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber. 

Goodyear is also known for the Goodyear Blimp. The first Goodyear blimp flew in 1925. Today it is one of the most recognisable advertising icons worldwide.

The company is the most successful tyre supplier in Formula One history, with more starts, wins, and constructors' championships than any other tyre supplier. 


The new DuraGrip tyre is specifically designed for city and family cars.

  • For improved handling and noise reduction
  • To prevent aquaplaning and improve wet handling
  • For increased noise reduction


  • Exceptional wet grip
  • Precision handling and even wear
  • Smooth, quiet ride

Eagle NCT5

Goodyear Eagle NCT5 is a luxury touring tyre that's safe down to the last detail. The Eagle NCT5 is endorsed by major car manufacturers as original equipment. These tyres provide a sporty blend of ride quality, noise comfort and handling, along with dry and wet traction.

Cargo Marathon

  • Built to deliver comfort, traction and performance
  • Good handling and traction
  • Resistance to aquaplaning
  • Traction on wet and slippery roads
  • Quiet, comfortable ride

Cargo G26

  • The tyre built to get performance from light trucks and vans
  • Tough, consistent grip
  • Performance even with heavy loads
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Quiet, comfortable ride


  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced CO2 emission and environmental impact
  • Superior wet braking performances
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Reduced fuel consumption/CO2 emmission
  • Improved wet performance
  • Improved grip and steering stability
  • Reduced aquaplaning
  • Improved comfort through minimised noise levels

Wrangler HP

The intellegent 4x4 tyre that gives you peak performance all year round

Excellent performance all year round
Aggressive grip in wet and winter weather
Aquaplaning resistance
Quiet, comfortable ride

Wrangler AT/R

  • Increased mud dispersion
  • Off-road traction,  
  • low noise 
  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Resistance to aquaplaning


  • Offers enhanced traction in deep mud and snow
  • Help provide enhanced traction and lateral stability
  • Help provide enhanced dirt, gravel and mud traction
  • Outstanding winter traction

Cargo G91

  • The durable tyre that excels under heavy loads
  • Extra durability
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Traction on wet roads

EfficientGrip SUV

  • This SUV tyre combines the highly comfortable ride of an SUV vehicle with lower environmental impact.
  • Reduced fuel consumption & CO2 emissions
  • Shorter braking distance on dry and wet roads

Cargo G28

  • The long-lasting tyre that turns your light truck or van into a workhorse
  • Improved handling and mileage
  • Resistance to aquaplaning
  • High load capacity

F1 Asymmetric

  • Resistance to aquaplaning, wet handling
  • Better tracking and grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Ensuring a smooth and quiet ride


F1 Asymmetric2

The ultra high-performance tyre that delivers shorter braking distances when it matters most.

  • Shorter braking distances on wet and dry
  • High performance handling
  • Greater fuel efficiency

EagleF1 GS-D3

  • Extreme handling performance
  • Refined handling
  • Steering precision
  • Excellent traction and braking in all conditions
  • Resistance to aquaplaning

Wrangler AT/SA

  • A 4x4 tyre with the strength to take on all terrain
  • Advanced puncture and cut resistance
  • Confident grip on wet roads
  • Improved mud traction for off-road driving

EagleF1 Supercar

  • Superb dry road traction and handling
  • Innovative high grip AAtrax tread compound
  • Good wet traction and aquaplaning resistance
  • Excellent steering response and cornering stability
  • Great durability and comfortable ride

F1 SUV Asymmetric

Goodyear's new Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV successfully penetrates high-end performance SUVs. This additional version of the award-winning Eagle F1 Asymmetric also features Goodyear's advanced Active Cornergrip Technology and Racing Compound, providing additional grip to the road and delivering unrivalled all-round performance.


  • Improved fuel efficiency and mileage
  • Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads
  • Better resistance to aquaplaning
  • Environmentally friendly

EfficientGrip Performance

The tyre with improved grip and shorter braking distances on wet roads

  • A-rated wet grip
  • Shorter braking distances for driving confidence
  • Improved wet braking and lower rolling resistance
  • Lower fuel consumption

Silent Armor

  • Traction ridges Help provide off-road traction in wet, muddy conditions
  • Open tread pattern For enhanced off-road traction
  • Rim protector Helps protect wheels against accidental curb damage

F1 Asymmetric 3

The New performance tyre that delivers you shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads so that you are in control and ready to enjoy the journey


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