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General Car Maintenance

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Headlight Alignment

Incorrect headlight alignment is the main cause of NCT failure in Ireland. We advise to have your headlights aligned with us before an NCT test. Headlight alignment is an important element of general road safety as it ensures your lights are not dazzling for other road users.


We supply and fit 3 types of Towbars:

  • Flange Ball
  • Swan Neck
  • Detachable

We only fit the highest quality EU APPROVED TOWBARS. Some newer European vehicles require a 7 way bypass. This ensures easy attachment of electrical systems from caravan/trailers. This 7 way bypass is included in the cost of the towbar quoted on the website.

Puncture Repair

The most common cause of a flat tyre is the puncturing of the tyre by a sharp object, such as a nail, thereby letting air escape. Depending upon the size of the puncture, the tyre may deflate either slowly or rapidly. TYRE and SERVICE SUPERSTORE use the patch method of puncture repair, having a policy against patching should the tyre’s tread be below what would be considered legal. It is not always possible to repair a tyre. While some punctured tyres, particularly those caused by a slow leak, can be repaired and re-inflated with air, others, especially those from worn tread, must be completely replaced.

Wheel Balancing

Out of balance wheels will cause a car to vibrate at certain speeds, usually between 80 and 120 Km/h. A tyre is out of balance when one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. To balance a wheel, the technician will mount it on a balancing machine which spins the wheel to locate the heavier part. He will then compensate for the heavy part by attaching a lead weight on the opposite side. Most high quality tyres will hold their balance fairly well and go out of balance very gradually. If you notice a vibration that wasn't there before our staff will quickly advise you on the best solution. If you feel the vibration mostly in the steering wheel, the problem is most likely in a front wheel. If the vibration is mostly through the seat, the problem is probably in the rear.