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Frequently Asked Questions

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The most common cause of a vehicle pulling left or right is low air pressure in one of the tyres as a result of a puncture. If your tyres all look to be in good condition then a digital four wheel alignment should solve the problem. All Tyre and Service Superstore branches are equipped with the finest wheel alignment technology. 



The most common cause of steering vibration at higher speeds is one or more of your tyres is not in roadworthy condition therefore every time the wheel rotates the faulty tyre sends a shudder through to your steering wheel via the steering rack. If your tyres are in good condition then it is possible you need wheel balancing  which is quickly performed at any Tyre and Service Superstore branch.



If you spot any sort of leak from your vehicle do not drive it!  An unrepaired or undetected leak can have serious consequences possibly resulting in brake failure or a blown head gasket. The first thing to establish is what the fluid is: most likely are water, coolant, oil, power steering, brake fluid or fuel. If still unsure at that stage, make a
quick phone call to any Tyre and Service Superstore branch and we will advise you on the best course of action.

A metal on metal or grinding noise when you press the brakes is usually an indicator that your brake pads need to be replaced. If this is the case you are advised to tend to it sooner rather than later as worn brake pads can quickly cause damage to your brake discs. Drop into and Tyre and Service Superstore branch and we will perform a quick free of charge brake check.


In Ireland as we know reliable windscreen wipers are vital ensure safe motoring. Any loss of visibility can have severe consequences. The main cause of wiper failure is a blown  fuse however sometimes the wiper linkage or wiper motor can be the cause of the problem. Tyre and Service Superstore staff are available for a free wiper check at any time.


There are many areas of a vehicle where failure will cause the engine not to start. The most common reason is electical most likely a flat or faulty battery There are many more possible areas but If there is no power it is more likely the battery which may have an overlying issue such as a faulty alternator. If there is electrical power and there is a repeated clicking noise from the engine then it is possibe that the fault is coming from the starter motor. Feel free  to call into any Tyre and Service Superstore branch for a free over charge electrical check.



If you notice a noise under your vehicle it there are a number of possible solutions. The most likely suspension components that will result in this kind of noise are: anti roll bar links, anti roll bar bushes. Lower ball joints/suspension arms . If you have any doubts regarding your vehicles suspension call to any Tyre and Service Superstore branch and a quick suspension test should provide the answers.



A loud high pitched squeal once the engine is engaged is most likely coming from the fan-belt area. The fan-belt is one of the most vital engine components as it is responsible for the steering, electrical and cooling systems in most modern vehicles. Because of its heavy workload a fan belt can become frayed and weak resulting in the loud squeal and possible failure. A snapped fan belt is not catastrophic (unlike timing belt) but is still easily avoided. A quick replacement or adjustment of your fan-belt is reasonably quick and inexpensive so call into any Tyre and Service Superstore branch and our friendly staff will assist you in the best course of action.



If your vehicle makes a clicking noise as you lock the steering in either direction the likelihood is that one of your CV Joints need to be replaced. CV (Constant Velocity) Joints play a critical role in your vehicle as they act as the focal point for the transfer of kinetic energy to your wheels. These joints are protected by a rubber boot which can tear in such cases early detection will save you money as we will just replace the boot as opposed to the more costly joint. Call into any Tyre and Service Superstore Branch where we will happily inspect your CV Joints/ Boots free of charge.


At Tyre and Service Superstore we carry a wide range across all the premium tyre manufacturers. We also stock a wide range of mid range and economy tyres to suit all lifestyles and budgets.
As your tyres are the only part of your vehicle to have contact with the road it is important to ensure that they are of the desired level of quality.
Take a browse through our recommended tyre brands which we hope will help you make an educated decision on the most suitable tyre to choose.