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Continental is a german tyre company founded in Hanover in 1871. Continental manufactures tyres for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles worldwide under the Continental brand. It also produces many other tyre brands including Semperit, Uniroyal Matador and Barum. Just some of the many vehicle manufactures which use Continental tyres as original equipment are; Volkswagen,Ford, BMW, Volvo,General Motors,Toyota Honda ,Renault and Porsche.

Today, Continental ranks among the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide and holds the number 2 spot in Europe. Continental have manufacturing plants and distribution facilities around Europe including Austria, Belguim, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, UK, Hungary, Italy, Kazakstan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Russia, Serbia, Slovakia,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. With such extensive knowledge relating to tyre safety the following paragraph summarises Continentals policy. 

Car safety starts with the car’s tyres. The demands placed on them are enormous since one meter of braking distance can make a crucial difference. After all, the car’s full braking force is transmitted to the road solely via four postcard-size contact patches. Continental passenger and light truck tyres provide superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather. Requirements for our tyres may vary, but one thing always holds true: nothing is more important to us and our customers than safety.

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