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BF Goodrich Tyres

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The B.F. Goodrich Company was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1870 as Goodrich, Tew & Co. by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich.

The company name was changed to the "B.F. Goodrich Company" in 1880, to BF Goodrich in the 1980s, and to "Goodrich Corporation" in 2001.

The company grew to be one of the largest tyre and rubber manufacturers in the world, helped in part by the 1986 merger with Uniroyal.

Specialising in tyres for SUVs and off road vehicles BF Goodrich comes highly recommended.


  • Offers a new level of performance for your daily drive.
  • Provides excellent all-weather traction and crisp handling that enthusiasts demand.
  • Designed to provide maximum hydroplaning resistance.


  • Designed for a huge range of vehicles, from city cars to high-powered cars
  • Unrivalled driving pleasure on dry surfaces
  • Excellent safety on wet roads


  • Endurance in the face of any challenge and optimum reliability.
  • Large tread blocks to maximise grip on dry surfaces.
  • Multiple edges to break the water surface.
  • Internal structure reinforced on the sidewalls.

Mud Terrain

  • Cut and chip resistant sidewall compound to resist sharp rocks.
  • Aggresive side wall lugs for more bite and better sidewall protection.
  • Stong sidewall chords for a less vulnerable sidewall.

All Terrain

  • Total versatility for maximum driving pleasure on all surfaces.
  • Excellent traction on all terrain types (tarmac, gravel, sand, mud, etc.)
  • Exceptional sturdiness and long life to really push the limits.

Long Trail

  • All-terrain versatility.
  • High level of driving comfort.
  • Excellent roadholding performances, in straight lines and on corners


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